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Custom Development

You need a new system, on time, on budget. We can make it happen.

Kalgisoft’s mission is to develop great bespoke software systems. We have over 5 years experience of listening to customers requirements, and translating this into reliable, high quality code – quickly and within budget.

Bridging the Gap – The Key to Project Success

The key to success in software development is communication – to make absolutely sure that the development team really and truly understand what the customer wants the software to do.

Kalgisoft’s solution to this is simple: we use ex-developers with very strong communication skills as our project managers. This ensures that the key project manager role is filled by a person who can talk to both developers and customers.

Many Project Types

Kalgisoft Technologies has strong experience across a wide variety of project types. We’re at home with:

  • Client-Server Development
  • Web Application Development
  • iPhone Development
  • Robust Database Development

We also offer a project rescue service: if you have an existing project which is failing, we can often take over the code, and turn the project around. We’ve done this for many customers.